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DOGOYARO ( Neem ) and its health benefits

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I came across neem just by accident during my times of studying and researching and I was dazed by its numerous health benefits Dongoyaro known as neem has a wide range of health benefits apart from being used as an antimalarial. The leaves , flowers,fruit , oil, twigs and seeds are packed with health benefits .

It's actually called "THE TREE OF LIFE".

It can be used both internally and externally from helping digestive problem to combating and healing skin problems

1) It's a powerful mosquito / insect repellent . A mixture in the ratio of 1:1 of neem oil with coconut oil can be applied to the skin to fend off mosquitoes. It's very safe on the skin . We have a product in our fedora organic range called "BUGS BE GONE" that contains neem oil that can be sprayed unto the body and then rubbed in

2) The oil can also be used to get rid of head lice . Unlike the regular head lice treatments which are chemical laden, neem oil is totally natural and safe. It won't trigger asthma attacks as some chemical based ones do. You can add it to shampoo or just apply the oil in the hair overnight and then wash off

3) It can be used to get of fleas and ticks on dogs and cats

4) The oil can be used in spray form to protect your precious garden from pests

5) Both the oil and the twigs can be used in dental health. The twigs can be used to brush teeth as chewing sticks . I use it as my chewing stick . The oil can be used to make toothpaste and mouth washes.

6) Neem flower juice can be used to get rid of belly fat and in weight loss. A mixture of the flower with honey and lemon would do the trick

7) Neem leaves have been researched and found to contain glycoproteins called NEEM LEAF GLYCOPROTEINS (NLGP) . The juice has been found to be a powerful anti cancer agent when injected around the tumour areas

8) Neem leaves and oils can be used as powerful anti parasitic, anti fungal, anti viral and antibacterial agents. The powder can be applied to warts., cold sores and herpes in the paste form

9) Since neem has powerful antiviral properties, it helps to remove toxins hence reducing the burden on the liver. It can thus be used to treat hepatitis

10) Neem has been found to help control blood sugar. It improves the sensitivity of insulin receptors. Good for diabetics

11) Neem has anti inflammatory properties which makes it useful in treating skin problems. I've treated clients with the oil and the results were amazing . The powder can be made into a paste either water, lemon or and honey or even coconut oil and applied to skin. We have our amazing fedora Neem facial scrub !!! You can also mix neem oil with coconut oil and apply to arthritic joints

12) Neem is rich in anti oxidants that fight free radicals . It's a powerful immune booster

13) Neem powder from dried leaves is good for For your 100% pure Neem powder produced by óla herbs and greens and 100% pure unadulterated neem oil.

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