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Hormonal Intrauterine system - Eloira

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What is hormonal intrauterine System?

An IUS is a small, T-shaped plastic device that is inserted into your womb (uterus) by a specially trained doctor or nurse. The IUS releases a progestogen hormone into the womb. This thickens the mucus from your cervix, making it difficult for sperm to move through and reach an egg. IUS is a reversible contraceptive device & has high success rate and several non-contraceptive benefits too. Eloira, our brand of hormonal Intrauterine System (IUS) consists of a Plastic frame with a reservoir containing drug Levonorgestrel. This drug reservoir releases a low daily micro dose of (LNG) into the uterine cavity. The cylinder/reservoir of the device contains hormone and is provided with a rate controlling membrane tubing that regulates the release of Levonorgestrel- LNG.
Who can use hormonal intrauterine System?
Most women can use an IUS, including women who have never been pregnant. Your doctor or clinician will ask about your medical history to check if an IUS is the most suitable form of contraception for you. Your family and medical history will determine whether or not you can use an IUS.
Who cannot use hormonal intrauterine System?

* Women who have breast cancer or cervical cancer
* Female with liver disease
* Any one that experiences vaginal bleeding between periods or after sex
* Any woman with history of serious heart disease or stroke
* Any woman with an untreated STI or pelvic infection
* A woman that has problems with the womb or cervix

How to use hormonal intrauterine System

The IUS is similar to the IUD (intrauterine device), but works in a slightly different way. Rather than releasing copper like the IUD, the IUS releases a progestogen hormone, which is similar to the natural hormone progesterone that's produced in a woman's ovaries. Progestogen thickens the mucus from the cervix (opening of the womb), making it harder for sperm to move through it and reach an egg. It prevents building up of endometrium lining

Benefits of hormonal intrauterine system

* Reversible & proven Contraception
* Easy Loading Technique
* Highly effective & safe
* Lowers a women risks of anaemia
* Fewer menstrual Cramps
* Effective for five years

What are the side effects of hormonal intrauterine System?

* If you do become pregnant while you are using the IUS there is a small risk of ectopic pregnancy. The risk of ectopic pregnancy is less in women using an IUS than in women using no contraception.
* Mild headache
* Abdominal/pelvic pain can be experience by some women.
* Inflammation of the external genital organs or vagina is possible with IUS.
* It causes genital discharge in some women

Non Contraceptive benefits of IUS

* It reduced menstrual bleeding;
* It reduced dysmenorrhea
* It has the potential for preventing a number of gynecological conditions in the longer term, such as iron-deficiency anemia, endometrial hyperplasia, uterine fibroids, acute episodes of pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis.
* It has the potential to specifically treat a range of pre-existing gynecological conditions such as heavy menstrual bleeding due to a wide range of underlying causes, endometrial hyperplasia, uterine fibroids, adenomyosis, and endometriosis.

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