Exercise is good for everyone, its efficiency in promoting and maintaining the quality of health and life generally cannot be overemphasized.

Upon this time with you, I’ll like to share a few tips on the excuses we give ourselves not to exercise, how to make exercise our habit, feeding as it relates to exercise and the benefits of exercise.

The Excuses for Not Exercising

Many times we give ourselves excuses not to exercise and the truth is that we are either scared or lazy; some of those excuses are discussed below;

*I need to join a gym:

You don’t need a gym to exercise, you can do it in the comfort of your own house or street. If you have stairs in your house, run up and down them (Be careful you not fall), you can also use the edge of your bed.

Dumbbells can be made at home, just Fill empty bleach containers with sand.

*I don't have time:

Make time!! Exercise is also as important as everything in your schedule as it is necessary for longevity of life and wellness.  WHO recommends we do at least 30mins of an activity, daily. This is for optimal health

*I have painful knees (arthritis):

This isn't an excuse. The truth is that the condition will NOT improve by sitting in one place, MOVE!!!

How to Make Exercise Pleasurable

  • Exercise must not be a boring affair, if it is, it won’t last. To ensure that this does not happen, below are a few tips on how to make exercise spicy yet efficient.
  • Start by doing routines you enjoy so you can sustain it. You can, swim, dance, walk, lift weights, skip (anything you love and can do).
  • Do it with your children, partner, or a encourage each other.
  • It is best done in the mornings, get up 30mins earlier. If u live in a relatively safe place...walk!!!
  • Build up your stamina gently. Do not overwork yourself especially if you are a beginner, your muscles will become sore and that will discourage you.
  • Don't forget to stretch before and after.
  • Feed your body more fruit and vegetables. Make a smoothie!
  • Sometimes the quality of the exercise is more important than the amount of time spent on the exercise, so do it correctly for more efficiency.
  • Drink water before, during and after an exercise, Water is good. To avoid dehydration, you should drink 4 liters of water daily at least. You shouldn't get headaches after exercise because that means you are probably dehydrated. Sip water even before you are thirsty.
  • As we exercise, we are burning calories Drinking water will stave off eating excessively afterwards.
  • If you have low energy levels, at the end of the working day, have a cold shower, before your workout.

    It revives!

Feeding Right is Also Essential:

  • What we eat matter
  • Stay away from processed foods and sugary drinks also so-called energy drinks. You don't want to know what they contain.
  • Water, fruit and more vegetables will fill you up.
  • Include a protein in your breakfast (most important meal)
  • At night, after exercise, have a salad and chicken, fish, pepper soup…etc. (Your body will thank you for it and you will also see the benefit of your exercise quicker)

Listen to your body and take it easy.

Benefits of Exercise

  • It helps us to de-stress
  • It tones our muscles
  • Exercise is great for our skin!
  • Regular exercise help stave off what we call the "silent killers"... (cancer, heart disease, strokes...etc) even helps with infertility.
  • Helps us sleep better
  • Keeps us young
  • Ensures our limbs are supple and flexible
  • Enhances our self esteem

...the list goes on...

It was my pleasure having this time with you and remember in everything listen to your body.


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