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15 Home Summer Activities for Kids and Parents at Home

It can be a hard sell for parents who are quite busy at work to spend time with their children. However, they should make out time to engage in meaningful activities with their kids as this helps not only to build well adjusted, confident adults in the future but also set a strong foundation in helping children build 21st Century social skills in children such as interpersonal, cooperation, communication and entrepreneurial skills. Some of these skills learnt and developed at home turn out to become lifelong skills found in exceptional individuals.

Here are very simple homemade games. The …

07 Jul, 2016


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Diary of A Social Worker (Episode 3)

Posted by Dr. Julz

The narrative captures the events at the community level, as such much of the conversation is written in Pidgin English.


Over the years, during our community health outreaches, women have largely tested positive to HIV in comparison to men. In fact, if 10 people test positive to HIV in a quarter, virtually all of them will be women and if there is a man, it’s never more than one. It is not as if men are not HIV positive, but women have always been at receiving end and are more vulnerable.

Women don’t discuss or negotiate sex with their partners especially the married …

05 May, 2016


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Move It or Lose It: The Role of Exercise in Treating Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis which is commonly called Rheumatism is a condition in which there is wear and tear of the cartilages covering the ends of the bones that form a joint. It is a painful condition which often starts insidiously but if not managed properly can become disabling.  It affects both the elderly and the middle age groups, although it is more common among the elderly. As a result of the painful nature of this condition and the age groups majorly affected, people living with osteoarthritis usually tend to avoid moving the affected joint and with time, lose the ability to move the joint. …

04 Mar, 2016


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